Staff Appreciation Week

Mark your calendars now for a week of staff appreciation. I am sure you all would agree that Parkview has the very best staff anywhere.  The fun begins Monday, May 11 and continues the entire week.  Below is the schedule of events:

Monday- May 11th: Kick off the week with a nice flower or even a small plant. Teacher doesn’t like flowers?   How about his/her favorite fruit.

Tuesday- May 12th : Write a thank you note to your teacher. It can be a card, a letter or just a simple note that tells your teacher how much you appreciate them.

Wednesday- May 13th: Use your imagination and make use of this voucher below to provide your teacher with some help.  Things like help your teacher organize their books, or collect homework etc.


Thursday – May 14th: Help your teacher by bringing school supplies for his/her classroom.

Friday – May 15th: Bring your teacher a nice little gift. It can be homemade, a gift card or even a sweet treat that will make your teacher happy!

Remember, this is a list of ideas to use. You can be creative and thank your teacher in your own special way.

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