Weekly Update: Week of July 27th

Announcements for the week of July 27th

The 2015-16 school year is off to a GREAT start.   We are all looking forward to a year filled with positive memories, academic growth, and fun!

We had to make a change to our original Curriculum Night Dates:

Grades 1-3 will have Curriculum Night on Tuesday, August 4th from 6:00-7:30pm.

Grades 4-6 will have Curriculum Night on Wednesday, August 12th from 6:00-7:30pm.

Our Transitional Kindergarten class and Kindergarten classes will not have Curriculum Night.

It is extremely important for you to attend Curriculum Night, so please mark your calendar.

Thank you and have a wonderful week.

– Week at a Glance-

Monday, 7/27

  • 9:10am – Discipline Assembly for TK and K
  • Collaboration – Gr. 5 & 2

Tuesday, 7/28

 Wednesday, 7/29

  • Collaboration – Gr. 6 & 3
  • 11:10am – Fire Drill

Thursday, 7/30

Friday, 7/31

  • Dismissal Times
  • TK: 12:10pm
  • K: 1:55pm
  • 1-6: 2:05pm

 -Looking Ahead-

Curriculum Night, Gr. 1-3 (6:00-7:30pm)

Curriculum Night, Gr. 4-6 (6:00-7:30pm)

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