WEEKLY UPDATE: Week of May 16th

Announcements for the week of May 16th.

Staff Appreciation Celebration
We invite students and parents to show extra gratitude to teachers and staff this week for our staff appreciation celebration. Please visit our school blog for suggestions on how you can help make Parkview staff feel appreciated.

After School MovieScreen Shot 2016-05-15 at 12.26.22 PM.png

We will also have an after school movie on Thursday featuring The Good Dinosaur. The movie is free to all students and we will have a concession stand for students to purchase snacks. The movie should be over around 5:15pm.

– Week at a Glance-
Monday, 5/16 – News Letters Go Home
• Write your Super Star teacher or staff member a note
• Collaboration: Gr. 4 & Gr. 3
• 9am – Gr. 5 Math PT, Labs
• 9am – Gr. 6 Math PT, Classrooms
• 9am – Gr. 2 LM Math Part I

Tuesday, 5/17 – Paperwork Goes Home
• As a super fan, shower your teacher or staff member with their favorite treats.
• 9am – Gr. 6 ELA CAASPP Testing
• 9am – Gr. 1 LM Math Part I
• 12pm – DAC/DELAC Meeting, EAAC
• 1pm – Gr. 6 ELA Performance Task Activity

Wednesday, 5/18
• Super Stars are trendsetters. Wear your teacher or staff members favorite color.
• Collaboration: Gr. 5 & 2
• 9am – Gr. 6 Math CAASPP Testing
• 9am – Gr. 1 & 2 LM Math Part II

Thursday, 5/19
• Super Stars need supplies, bring in school supplies to your class
• 9am – Gr. ELA PT CAASPP Testing
• 9am – Gr. 1 & 2 LM Math PT
• 9am – ELAC Meeting, Room 206
• 1pm – Gr. 6 Math Performance Task Activity
• 2pm – Earthquake Drill
• 3:30pm – After School Movie

Friday, 5/20 – Last Day for Library
• Super Stars need pampering too, bring in your favorite pampering item
• 9am – Gr. 6 ELA PT CAASPP Testing
• 12:45am – Student Store
• All Library Books Due to the libraryStaff Appreciation 15-16

Upcoming Date to Remember:
Thursday, May 26th: Variety Show 6pm
Monday, May 30th: No School

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