WEEKLY UPDATE: Week of October 9th

Announcements for the week of October 9th.

During the month of October, we are collecting 16-ounce water bottles as a part of our Homeless Connect Project.  Five schools in our District (Casillas, Camarena, EastLake, Parkview and Rosebank) are collecting various items to create Homeless Connect Bags.  All water donations can be dropped off on the stage in our auditorium.



Parkview, Casillas, and EastLake are also participating in a coin collecting drive during the month of October.  Students are encouraged to donate spare change to help hurricane victims.  Collection jars are located in each classroom as well as the main office.  All proceeds will be donated to an organization that directly benefits hurricane victims.


– Week at a Glance-

Monday, 10/9

  • 8:30am – PTA Board Meeting, Room 206
  • Collaboration: Gr. 6 and 3

Tuesday, 10/10

  • Collaboration: Gr. 5 and 4
  • 10:40am – Garden Club, Garden
  • 12-3:30pm – Book Fair, Room 202

Wednesday, 10/11

  • Collaboration: Gr. 2 and 1
  • 12-3:30pm – Book Fair, Room 202
  • 4pm – Kickball game at Clearview

Thursday, 10/12

  • 12-3:30pm – Book Fair, Room 202

Friday, 10/13

  • 12-2:30pm – Book Fair, Room 202
  • Dismissal Times
  • TK: 12:10pm
  • K: 1:55pm
  • 1-6: 2:05pm

PTA Events

10/20 ·       Fall Festival

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