2018 Great Kindness Challenge

It’s Cool to be Kind

2018 Great Kindness Challenge

In A World YOU can be Anything, BE KIND!

Parkview Elementary School

One of our social-emotional goals this year is to develop positive relationships across our campus.  To help support this goal, students and staff are going to participate in the National Random Acts of Kindness week. This event begins Monday, January 29th.  Our student council has planned a number of activities and challenges for the us to complete.

Random Acts of Kindness are when we go beyond what is expected of us and reach out to help another person. There are hundreds of ways to show someone that you care. Next week, look for opportunities to show that you care by performing Random Acts of Kindness.  For inspiration, check out the video below to:


Spirit Day and Challenges

Monday, January 29th – Stand out and brighten someone’s day – Wear Neon Colors

  • Daily Challenge – Offer to help a parent or teacher without being asked.

Tuesday, January 30th – Score Points by helping others – Wear Sport Attire

  • Daily Challenge – Smile at 25 people today

Wednesday, January 31st Kindness to the Rescue – Dress Like a Superhero

  • Daily Challenge – Hang out with someone new are recess today.

Thursday, February 1st – Rock the Socks for Kindness – Wear crazy socks

  • Daily Challenge – Express gratitude by thanking a family member, staff member or friend today.

Friday, February 2nd – Dream of Kindness – Wear your pajamas

  • Daily Challenge – Step up to help someone in need today.

Remember to complete your Great Kindness Challenge Checklist this week.


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